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Original GoBible Features

Story Index

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A very exciting feature of the Original GoBible® is our Story Index.  We have indexed over 230 of the most popular Bible Stories so the user may easily access these stories. Off the Main Menu, when the user selects “Story Index” they will be given a choice between “Old Testament Stories” and “New Testament Stories.”  When they’ve made their selection, a list of stories from that testament will appear.  The user simply selects the story they want to hear and presses play.  The Original GoBible® device will play the story from its beginning point to a fixed end point and then the user will be returned to the story list.

This is a great feature for children or really anyone who wants to easily find their favorite stories.  It is also great for study because you can easily compare the same stories from different Apostles with just a click.  The stories are arranged in a way that makes finding playing your favorite story as easy as possible! 

Topic Index

View Topic Index

Also from the "Special Features" menu, a listener may also utilize the "Topic Index" option.  When selected, an index of almost thirty circumstances and emotions will be shown on the screen.  The user clicks on one selection and is brought to a screen with several passages and verses that give guidance from the Bible on that specific choice.  The user simply highlights the passage and the Original GoBible® will play that selection and bring the user back to the list of passages under that topic.

This is a great tool for pastors preparing for remarks.  Or it may be a useful tool for parents, teachers and leaders when confronting others.

Holiday/Events Index

View Holiday/Events Index

Also from the "Special Features" menu, a listener may also utilize the "Holiday/Events" option. When selected, an index of fifteen secular and religious holiday as well as common events will be shown on the screen. The user clicks on one selection and is brought to a screen with several passages and stories that give guidance from the Bible on that specific choice. The user simply highlights the passage and the Original GoBible will play that selection and after the selection is completed, the user will be taken back to the list of passages under their selection.


Another feature of the original GoBible® that we are very excited about is our “Bible-in-a-Year” or “Hear in a Year” study program.

Many people try to read through the entire Bible in a year but often find the magnitude of the undertaking daunting and sometimes frustrating.  Sometimes it seems that even getting started is tough.  Other times, you start, but when you get past some of the more familiar books, it can become difficult to continue with the same initial focus.  The Original GoBible® offers an easy way to accomplish the task.  We have created a special  program in which, every day, the user will have about 12-15 minutes worth of different scripture passages to listen.  They are organized by week so a user clicking on the Bible-in-a-Year link is brought to a menu listing 52 weeks.  Once selected, the week will bring up seven days and the user may select the appropriate day.  When selected, there will be several selections per day.  The user simply highlights the selection and presses play.  After the selection is finished, the user will be brought back to the day’s selection so they can easily select the next reading for the day.  If the user does this for 365 days, they will have listened to the entire Bible! To follow along with a printed plan click here.


The Original GoBible® can support 36 individual bookmarks.  The bookmark function may be activated with a touch of a button at any verse in the Bible.   Users may mark their most favorite Bible verses or simply where they last left off listening.  This is great for memorization or for keeping a record of passages that are especially meaningful.

When the bookmark option is selected under the “Special Features” menu, the user will be taken to their bookmark list.  They simply choose a bookmark and the device will begin playing from that point forward.

Voice Menu

Both the Original GoBible and the GoBible Voyager are equipped with a Voice Menu. This is a feature that may be toggled on or off from the “Special Features” page, accessed through the Main Menu. The default setting is on.

When activated, the Voice Menu will read aloud the menu entry that is currently highlighted by the cursor - a feature developed specifically to assist blind and sight impaired users.

The Voice Menu cannot read individual items in the user’s bookmark cache. In the Bible-in-a-Year menu it will read a numbered selection. To follow along, please print out our Bible-in-a-Year worksheet.

Backlight Timer

The user may control the length of the time the backlight on the Original GoBible® is illuminated.  The default setting is 30 seconds, however the user may easily change that.

Off of the Main Menu, if the user selects “Backlight Timer,” they will be taken to a screen which says how long the timers is set for.  If they click on that screen, they will have a choice to set the backlight timer illumination to:

  • 10 Seconds
  • 20 Seconds
  • 30 Seconds
  • 60 Seconds
  • Always On
  • Always Off

Button Lock

The GoBible® Voyager allows the user to lock the control pad so that no button pressed accidentally will affect the play of the device.  This may be useful while working out, taking a long walk, or riding in the car with the GoBible® Car Accessory Kit.

The user simply presses a button and a lock icon will appear on the screen.  This freezes the keypad.  To return to regular keypad mode, the user would simply press a button until the lock icon disappeared from the screen and normal function would resume.

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